I'm 20. I live in Spain. I love music, food, my idols and drummer boys.

David Archuleta. McFly. One Direction. Logan Lerman.

My Twitter is @LauraCabrera_94
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The only thing faster than light is a fangirl who hears her idol come on the tv in another room.

i was a 45 minute drive away from my house and I made it to my house in 13 minutes cause the season finale of supernatural started in 10 minutes

How many people did you run over?

the important thing is that she didn’t miss the episode


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You make me strong

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just in case no one told you today

zayn malik is beautiful

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Detroit - 16/08

Detroit - 16/08

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Hold me, Niall!

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This has been sitting on my pc for too long. Here I did a thing. (heres a link too)
Excuse me, I really enjoy drawing louis in beanies.

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