I'm 20. I live in Spain.

My Tumblr is, basically, about David Archuleta, McFly, One Direction and Logan Lerman. But sometimes, there are posts about other perfect humans being.

Oh! How I wish I could play the drums like Harry Judd.

My Twitter is @LauraCabrera_94
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if i ever got a picture with one direction id use that photo as my resume my christmas cards my thanksgiving cards and if they dont use it at my funeral i will come back to life and set the building on fire

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I’m so fucking 1d. My blood type is 1d. My favorite food is 1d. I breath h21d. I literally am 1d. Like I am Harry styles. THATS HOW 1D I AM.

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I’ve never met Harry Styles but I trust him with my life

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Exclusive behind-the-scenes video clip of One Direction’s new single and music video Steal My Girl. (x)

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Steal My Girl video comes out October 24th

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Steal My Girl BTS +

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u could be preoccupied different dick every night… she can deepthroat… im on my knees travis… wrong size shoe… blow a kiss small child… baby pikachu.. reblog if u a tru 1d kid…

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the only dates i need are tour dates

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